BeneCounsel provides high-quality & cost-effective special needs legal services throughout all of Virginia.

Longwood LIFE​: A two-year non-degree post-secondary certificate day program for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Students within the age range of 18-25 will gain the skills for independent living in a college community setting with age-appropriate peers throughout this day program.

College Living Experience (CLE): Has been providing transition supports to young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD and other varying exceptionalities. Our success as the industry leader stems from our commitment to remain focused on the potential of each individual we serve. Over the years the evolution and innovation of CLE services has been based on our mission which inspires us to reach beyond the boundaries of the traditional supports.

Training and Technical Assistance Center

Through training and technical assistance, the VDOE's T/TAC at VCU improves learning and positive school outcomes for all children and youth with disabilities to help them reach their potential and dreams.

Center on Transition

We help students with disabilities reach their goals for life after high school. The Center on Transition Innovations at Virginia Commonwealth University is Virginia's leader in providing resources and innovative models to support students with disabilities in their transition to adulthood.

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