BeneCounsel provides high-quality & cost-effective special needs legal services throughout all of Virginia.


Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center: Stands as a beacon of support for Virginia's students with disabilities and their families. Dedicated to empowerment, PEATC offers a range of invaluable resources, including personalized 1:1 consultations, enriching workshops, insightful webinars, targeted trainings, and easily accessible fact sheets. Committed to fostering understanding and resilience, PEATC's services are not only free but also held in strict confidentiality, ensuring that Virginia's families can navigate the journey of education and disability with the unwavering support they deserve.

Mosaic Pathways: An inclusive homeschool community for all unique learners to engage in natural and experiential exploration. Learning without barriers supports the needs of both families and students. They embrace all types of learners while specializing in communication, motor, and sensory differences.