special needs planning

Planning is pulling the future into the present so you can do something about it now!


BeneCounsel provides high-quality & cost-effective special needs legal services throughout all of Virginia.

A child with special needs is likely going to need a lifetime of support, even after his or her parents are no longer able to do so.  At BeneCounsel, we can help you create a Special Needs Estate Plan that combines a life plan for your child and an estate plan for you that will meet your family's unique needs and secure your child's future. 

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When your child turns 18, he or she is presumed by law to have the capacity to make his or her own decisions. Let us help you decide what level of decision-making support your child needs!

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disability benefits


Benefits such as SSI,  SSDI,  Medicaid  and  Medicare can be essential to your child's ability to lead a fulfilling, healthy, and productive life. Let us help you navigate the bureaucratic maze!

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