post-Secondary Education

Disability Benefits


Activities, events, and hobbies in the local community that provide an inclusive environment. 


community resources

Vocational training is a course or program that focuses on teaching the skills or abilities required for a particular career or trade.

Trusts and financial planning services with a focus on those that need advanced planning or ABLE accounts.

Vocational Training


Employment Support

Organizations dedicated to creating inclusive communities, schools, and opportunities for individuals with disabilities. 

Organizations and employers with a focus on helping provide accommodations and supported employment.

community organizations

Special Education

Tools and technological support for various impairments 

Resources focused on educating students in a way that accommodates their individual differences, disabilities, and special needs in k-12.

Programs offered by colleges to help aid those who need additional support or more specialized programs. 

Technological Support


Various forms of therapy and providers.


Options for disability benefits as well as agencies that help with appeals. 

Accommodations for traveling or learning how to drive.

Options for living independently, providing resources, equipment, or assisted living spaces depending on one's needs.

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